FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Are all of the products at Metal Galaxy available on the Webstore?

A: The Webstore has its own dedicated inventory, warehoused off-site. All card singles and most other products on the Webstore are in addition to our in-store selection.

Q: What Payment Options are available on the Metal Galaxy Webstore?

A: We are currently accepting payments through Paypal, Visa and Mastercard, and Visa Debit. Webstore Credit may also be used for purchases.


Q: What Shipping Options are are available on the Metal Galaxy Webstore? 

A: We currently are delivering all orders to our store, Metal Galaxy Social Games  4624 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary, Alberta. 
   All orders can be picked up from this location.


Q: Once I place an order, how long before I can pick it up?

A: Once an order has been placed, we will work to fullfill that order as quickly as we can. Once an order is processed it will be ready for pick up after 72 business hours. If there are any errors with the order, or your order arrives earlier than the 72 business hours, you will receive an additional email. 


Q: I have receive a 'Shipped' Email about my order. What does this mean? 

A: Once an order has completed being processed for in-store pick up, a 'Shipped' email is sent. If you've received your email, your order is at Metal Galaxy and ready for pick up.

Q: Will I receive Metal Rewards Points or Star Member discounts on the Webstore?

A: All Purchases made on the Metal Galaxy Webstore will be eligible towards your Lifetime Metal Reward Loyalty Points.  Star Members have access to a unique Coupon that is good with any purchase on the Webstore. Reach out to us anytime for the Coupon Code.


Q: Can I redeem my Points or In-Store Credit on the Webstore?

A: With our new Metal Rewards Program, you are now able to redeem your Metal Reward Points for Webstore Coupons.
100 Points for a $5 Coupon or 500 Points for a $30 Coupon. In-Store Credit will be available for in-store purchases only. 

 Q: Can I Trade or Sell cards to Metal Galaxy through the Webstore?

A: We are always accepting Trades, and always looking to Buy cards. You can Login and use our Buylist feature to see which cards we are currently accepting. Once a Buylist is Submitted, please drop the cards off at Metal Galaxy. Once the cards have been verified, the appropriate credit will be applied to your account. You can also come visit us in-store with your Trades or Collection or email us at MetalGalaxy@live.ca or on Facebook. You can always see our Trade Rates at: https://www.metal-galaxy.com/trade-rates


Q: I don't see the Category I want to search? (Example: Search for all Planeswalker cards)

A: With over 100,000 different products to choose from on our Webstore, we recommend using Advanced Search (top right corner on desktop, just below search in the centre on Mobile). Remember to check off the IN STOCK button first, highlight the CATEGORY (ie: Magic Singles, Pokemon Products) and finally, use the Filters to narrow your search. Alternatively, you may use the Large buttons on the Home Page to get a list of Quick Search Options.

Q: I would like to order Pokemon and/or Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Products, when are they available?

A: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Sealed Products available on the Metal Galaxy Webstore are not available in-store. All orders will be delivered within 5 business days. You will receive a 'Shipped' Email from us when your Sealed Product(s) have arrived in-store. Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Sealed Products purchaed on the Metal Galaxy Webstore are not eligible for Metal Rewards/ Loyalty Points.

Q: How many copies of a card am I able to purchase at one time?

A: The Metal Galaxy Webstore is offered as a service to our gaming community, and we would like to off our community equal opportunities to purchase products from us, as such, we reserve the right to limit the quantity of any item(s) purchased. Typically we ask our purchases to be kept to a maximum of one playset (4 copies for Magic & Pokemon, 3 for Yugioh) to ensure fairness. There are some obvious exception (ie: Relentless Rats). Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Q: There is an issue with my order, how do I receive a refund?

A: We will always strive to make your Order right, and exchange any products with our next delivery day.

  You can always contact us at info@metalgalaxy.ca


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